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Bat cave close to Buzet is about 20 meters high and overhangs steeply. The climbing is very athletic with a mix of tufas, pockets, crimps and slopers. It was bolted and developed by Austrian climbers Angela Eiter and Bernie Ruech. Be careful, there is no official parking!


Reach Buzet in Istria, Croatia. From Buzet continue East along road 44. The steeply overhanging wall named Bat cave can be seen from the road after about 6km. A path leads from the bridge to the right of the crash barrier into the forest. If the thorn bushes are overgrown, the path cannot be seen. Behind the bushes a steep path leads up through the trees to the crag. At the clearing on the right side of the wall there is a small ledge. Scramble up this and then continue left again through the forest, cross the river bed and continue up to the crag. Approximately 10 minutes.


From autumn to spring. The wall gets in the shade in the afternoon. After heavy rain it seeps for quite a while, so in that case better choose other crags like Kompanj, Sunset rock, Kamena vrata and so on.

Rock Quality

The rock quality is not the best so many holds were reinforced by sika. Be still careful while belaying as the routes are new!

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ROUTES (from left to right)

The climbing is very athletic with a mix of tufas, pockets, crimps and sloppers. Grades are still not confirmed.

You will need a short rope of 50 meters and a set of 12 quickdraws.

Der Joker 8b 20m
Justice league 8a+/b 20m
Gotham P 20m
Hellsbizeps 8a 20m
Boazn Kini (same start as Hellsbizeps then right 8a+ 20m
Wings for life P 20m
The dark knight (sit start and boulder traverse right into Batman) 8b 20m
Batman 8a 20m
Moonboard (same end as Batman) 7c 15m
Batgirl 6c 10m