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Rest day

For most climbers this particular part of web page would stay unclicked or clicked for reasons such as “oh there’s probably some info about places where you can easily chill out in shade or drink your favorite Bevanda on the beach!”.

But we all know true climbers rest day can be a very active and interesting thing to do instead of sleeping in your tent, camper van, trailer or on the back seats of your super comfy car.

On this point we have to warn you, there’s a great possibility you will prolong your rest day to rest days just after you will find out the wide range of fun and interesting stuff you can do beside climbing. Plenty of -ing ahead! Biking, trekking, tennis, golf, horseback riding, diving, fishing, swimming, windsurfing, paragliding, hang gliding, skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, kiting, caving, partying, fooling around, searching for natural treasure or exploring history of the region.

If you‘re looking for fun, visit a bigger city – Koper and Trieste are close enough with clubbing, swimming pools, cinemas, museums, galleries and such. Or you can try to find a local „šagra“ in the summer or some other festivals.

The rest is up to your discovery – the best way to learn about the countryside.