Rest day in Slovenia


The land under the Karst edge, a tampon zone between peaceful stony Karst and the hustle of the coast, is one of the most pleasant and interesting natural and architectural areas of Slovenia, perfect for exploring with a car, bike or on foot. While smelling the lavender, rosemary and the sea breeze you can stroll between little, grouped, stone villages with rich history, new and ruined houses and occasional local restaurant – konoba, nestled in plantations of olives, wine and citruses. Places like and similar are connected with wine roads and walking paths with a few hidden gems

History culture: Socerb, Hrastovlje, Kubed, Lopar, Tinjan, Plavje, Pomjan, Ocizla, church of st. Valentine, Benko‘s old house dated to 1489 in Črni Kal; a Danse macabre fresco in st. Trinity church in Hrastovlje;

Natural attractions: Škocjan caves, Škocjan bay at Koper and saltpan at Sečovlje with Seča peninsula, beautiful vistas in unspoilt nature over Podgorje, Tinjan and on Ratitovec.