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Buzetski kanjon is a diverse crag, whose widely spread sectors have one common point: they are all great! Four are set in a scenic 7 waterfalls gorge, made by the river Pivka, while the other three stand on the right and left side of the river Mirna canyon. Most routes are new and basically flawless. If you add climbing all year round, the close vicinity to romantic Buzet and the fact that the wild nature of the canyon is one of the most popular walking paths, you should ask yourself only this: what are you still doing at home?


Drive through Buzet direction Rijeka/Roč. When you see the Plodine supermarket on your left, take a right turn in the next intersection. In the village of Sv. Ivan keep to the right towards the Favorit brewery. Park here! Driving the dirt allowed is forbidden and fined by Police! For sectors Befana, Slap, LIKE and Zimski turn left before the bridge while for Pengari, Đoser and Plaža turn left after. There are clear and nice paths to all the crags (10-15 minutes), though you sometimes have to cross the river.


In Buzetski kanjon, in spring and autumn you can climb everywhere. Befana is best in late spring or early autumn (when it‘s nicely dry), also Slap and Đoser have some shade during the day. The Zimski sector (Winter sector), LIKE and Pengari are turned to the south and are best for winter. You can also climb in some rain – but especially Befana tends to get wet.

Rock Quality

The rock in Buzetski kanjon is diverse, karsty, full of tufa and overall good. Only occasionally and in easy routes it can still break. All bolts are new and great. The most comfortable are Pengari and Befana, and Slap is also nice. Don‘t drag your kids to the Zimski sector or sector LIKE.

Environmental Notes

Buzetski kanjon is a precious and sensitive natural area, that requires special care, but luckily climbing is still a welcome activity. Water sources in the area are protected, so spill your old motor oil and potassium cyanide somewhere else.

Recommended accommodations

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Stay in Apartments Roža and enjoy in one of the best climbing areas in Istria. Roč is an excellent base for climbing in the crags near this charming village. Just a few minutes away by car to Kompanj, Čiritež, Vela draga, Buzetski kanjon or Kamena vrata. We offer two comfortable fully equipped apartments for max. 7 people. Air conditioning, fireplace, unique wine cellar or open terrace makes it comfortable in any season. Welcome to Roč!

ROUTES (from left to right)

Climbing is mostly endurance with a power crux now and then. In the Zimski sector, Đoser and in some vertical walls the climbing is more technical. The rock is fresh and quite sharp, the grades are friendly.

Routes are medium and long. For the most enjoyable ones take at least 70 m rope and enough quickdraws.

A – Befana (Summer sector)
Samoborke 7a 15m
Befana 7b+ 18m
Befana Magica (extension) 8a 28m
Štriga (combination of Befana and Neox) 7b 28m
Giant Yass 8a 38m
Neox 8a 28m
Favorit 7c 30m
Frenkie Goes To Hollywood 7c 35m
Galaksija 8a 35m
Vaška mafija 8b 35m
Chica latina 8b+ 35m
Lap dance 8b 35m
Šefka 7a+ 12m
Šefka extension 8a 35m
Petra 7a+ 10m
Margo 8a+ 35m
Fiumanka 7b 32m
Ljetna sauna 7b 32m
Night club 7a+ 32m
Buzečanke 6c+ 32m
Joker 6b+ 15m
Joker extension 7c 35m
Intermezzo 6b 16m
Mailita 6b 18m
Tnx A&D 6c+ 22m
Životni ciklus 6c 24m
Beach club Macumba 7b 24m
Mateja 6b+ 17m
B – Slap (Waterfall)
Džungla je masivna 8b 25m
P ? 20m
Finta di mona 8b+ 25m
Izvor života 8a 30m
Muška pizda 7a 20m
Muška pizda extension P ? 25m
Alita 7c+ 25m
Inglorious bastards 8b+ 25m
Grinta 8c 25m
P ? 25m
P ? 25m
P ? 20m
P ? 25m
C – Like
Modrokos 6c+ 12m
Mosa bavlju 7a+/b 14m
Ruj 7a+ 14m
Sup kao stup 7a+ 16m
Čiopa 7a 16m
Melba 6c 20m
Bubo bubo 6c+ 18m
Sivi soko 7a+ 15m
Sja visoko = Sivi soko extension P 25m
Strndica u armangnacu 7c 25m
Falco P 25m
Corvus P 25m
Attack na merinku P 14m
Merinka = Attack na merinku extension P 25m
Gavran = Merinka going to the right P 23m
Baj baj bejbe P 15m
Sweet girls of mine 7a+ 15m
Sweet girls baj baj = start in Sweet girls, end in Baj, baj P 15m
Kum i gara 6b+ 12m
Strpac 6a 12m
Grga čvarak 5c 12m
D – Zimski (Winter sector)
Apokalipso 7b+ 15m
P ? 15m
The king 7c+ 20m
Duh sa sekirom 6a+ 15m
Darkwood 6c 16m
Chico 6b 14m
Zagor 6c 20m
Činček 6b 18m
Felipe Cayetano Lopez Martinez y Gonzale 6b+ 18m
Blek Stena 6a+ 18m
Parada 6c 10m
Harder than your hausband 7c 20m
Cedo ma non mollo 7c+ 18m
Analthinger 7b+ 16m
L’ Edipo 7b+ 16m
Stone love 8a 14m
P ? 14m
Budi ponosan 7a+ 12m
Teške boje 7a+ 14m
I’m not a carpet muncher 8a 12m
Ape Maja 6c 10m
Easier than your wife 6a+ 10m
TeČAOniška 5a 8m
Odimljen Jošt 5b 8m
Ogrevalna 5b 8m
E – Đoser
Mrvica 6c+ 10m
Radioactive 8a+ 10m
Ne cvikaj 7b 12m
Mrle 7b+ 12m
Đoser 6c+ 13m
Gori Ussi 6b 13m
Vrhi Ćićarije 6a+ 13m
Nebo je žuto a sunce je blu 6b+ 13m
Sedan dan 6c 14m
Pakleni vozači 6c+ 14m
The boys are back 7a 14m
Black snake 7b+ 14m
Never mind 6c 15m
Over the rainbow 7a+ 17m
Deep as Fukamushi 7b 18m
Light as Asamushi 7b 18m
Terra magica 7b+ 18m
Šajeta 7b+ 18m
Just do it 7b 18m
Eternal flame 7a+ 18m
Ronnie James Dio 7b 18m
Ronnie James Dio extension 7c 20m
Kameno srce 8a+ 20m
Popravni ispit 7c+ 18m
Diablo 7c 20m
Happy toddler 7c 20m
Rain shower 7c+ 21m
F – Plaža (The beach)
P ? 19m
Blank space 7b 19m
Dvogibka 7a+ 25m
Brez veze 6b 25m
Valentina 6b+ 27m
L’oracolo direkt 6a 20m
Tolmun 6a 27m
G – Pengari
Il mago direkt 6a 25m
Koke iz Loke 6a 25m
The invisible bird 6c+ 27m
Radio Gu Gu 6c 28m
F*ck Slo, go Cro! 6c 28m
Koperniko direkt 6a+ 28m
Vamo tamo 6b+ 28m
Sovarjenje 6c+ 28m
Common sense is not so common 6c+ 39m
Lenina 6b+ 28m
Sidarta forever 6c+ 40m
Bandiera rossa 6c 20m
Elio Pisak, ruke stisak 6b+ 20m
El Desperado 7a+ 20m
Ništa od Jessy 7b 25m
Too late 8a 28m
Malik 7c+ 28m
La petarda 8a+ 30m
Mara 7c 30m
Skitalica 7c+ 30m
Mirna 8a+ 30m
Boomboker (start in Bleach, finish in Mirna) 8a+/b 30m
Bleach 8a+ 31m
Nevermind 7c+ 32m
Non habemus Papam 7b+ 30m
Avanti forza 6b+ 20m
Leta su, pameti ni 6b+ 20m
Avanti popolo 6a+ 35m
Bolting weekend 6a 33m
Silent is golden 6a 32m
Pasareta 6a 33m