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Čepić is a small but pleasant crag situated in the nice gorge underneath the old typical Istrian village of Čepići. There are more than 30 relatively short but very nice bolted routes for beginners in a beautiful setting in the heart of Istria. It is also children friendly and nice to make a picnic or just a splendid Sunday out in the nature. Perfect spot from late spring until early autumn as the temperature in the gorge is always about 10°C lower than outside.


The easiest way to find the small Istrian village of Čepići is to drive to Buje and then turn east. After 11 kilometers you will reach the village Šterna, drive through it and continue for another 1,5 kilometers to get to Čepići. Pass the village slowly and after the last house find the parking on your left side beside a dirtroad going left. Walk on this dirt road for 5 minutes to reach the crag on the left and on the right side of the road.


In the gorge the temperature is always about 10°C lower than outside the gorge. Climbing is possible from spring to autumn, as well as in summer when it’s the best to combine it with a jump into the clear blue Adriatic sea. In case of rain better run away because there in no bigger overhang or roof.

Rock Quality

The quality of the rock is superb with many good holds, edges and pockets.


The crag of Čepić is on a private land, so always leave the dirt road free in order not disturb the local traffic.

ROUTES (from left to right)

Routes in Čepić are mainly short and really nicely bolted, specially for the beginners. Climbing is vertical with the essential use of foot technique on good holds, edges and pockets. If you want to bring someone to try climbing for the first time in life, maybe this is the place to be. You don’t need more then a 50 meters rope and 10 quickdraws as routes are relatively short.

A sector
Bruna 6b 15m
Extension 6a 15m
Zero 6a+ 11m
First 5c 11m
Il bruco 6a 12m
Butterfly 6c+ 12m
Il calabrone 6b 12m
Gemby 6b 10m
Bugazza 6a+ 10m
Made 6b 11m
Right side 6a 11m
Bon voyage 6a 11m
Il picchio 5c 11m
The game 7a 11m
Peter Pan 7b 14m
Cambia cambia 6a 8m
Nga nga 5c 9m
Marina 6b+ 9m
Spigolo 5b 9m
B sector
Terra sommersa 6b+ 10m
Turnica 7a 10m
Devellottati 6c+ 10m
Issati 5a 10m
Katmandu 5a 7m
Ohio 4a 8m
La scimmia 4b 8m
L’oca 4a 8m
C sector
Muschio 5b 9m
Lichene 5b 11m
Žaba 6b+ 15m
Cracker 6a+ 15m
Chicko miš 6a 14m
Lambreta 6a 7m
Gigi migi 6b 8m
Škaramunčica 5c 10m
Mozak na paši 5c 10m
Highlands 6a+ 10m
Terra dei buffoni 6b 12m
Zeus 6c 12m