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A climbing area above the village of Čiritež in a sector called Hollywood is a mystery: an interesting, overhanging wall in plain sight, but still only rumors that something is happening here. Rumors point out loose rock – yet a visit to the crag reveals a handful of bolted routes. Access is wild, even though at first glance this area has enormous future potential… it remains to be seen.


You approach Hollywood from the top of the walls, so first you need to get to Roč. Drive through the village on the road, leading to the railway station and Nugla. Drive on, over the railroad and after less than kilometer turn left for Nemarniki, where you keep left and park at the last house. The path across the meadow leads you to the dry riverbed, following which will bring you to the wall edge. Going around on the left side will (with a bit of climbing) bring you to the crag.

Parking is kind of non-official, beside the road, and though there are never big crowds here, try to be polite and don‘t disturb locals.


The walls face south and are sheltered from the wind, so summer is off. Even late spring or early autumn can be uncomfortably hot.

Rock Quality

You go to Hollywood (at the moment), if you wish to visit something new. The rock is fresh, so of course it can crumble a little.

Recommended accommodations

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ROUTES (from left to right)

On the left and right part of the main steep wall you can find also some vertical routes. Although the space under the wall is comfortable and enjoyable, the descents and surroundings are not really kids-friendly. The equipment is new and no one should complain about it. Basic gear suffices.

Semi pro 6c 15m
Stranger than fiction ? 15m
The blind side 7c+ 15m
Whale rider ? 15m
Big fat mama ? 35m
P ? 30m
Radarska kontrola 7a+ 12m
Jahač 6c 10m
Ulica halucinaicje 7c 10m