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At the initiative of the Buzet tourist association Kamena vrata, a nice crag was equipped for belay slaves, beginners and climbers seeking easy going routes. Then Klemen Bečan dropped by and the area quickly got some harder routes. But of course, you should come here mainly with a desire to enjoy yourself or to make your first steps in the vertical world.


Drive out of Buzet in the direction of Istarske toplice (Motovun) and after a few kilometers you will enter a canyon, which is “hugged” by rocky gates, well known in these parts as Kamena vrata – the crag is on your right. Park on the left side on the banks of the Mirna river, carefully cross the road and you will be at the crag. The access is at times steep and sandy, so take it slow as to avoid a bruising or two.


The crag is on a sunny place, which rules out the summer, when you will be drenched in sweat, but since it has many corners and it lies in a canyon, you can find some shade in the transitional period or in the afternoon. Rain will chase you away.


No doubt about it – the rock is great. The routes are new, the bolts are flawless and perfectly bolted. Take care of the children, as the road below can be very busy!

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Most people will come here for easy, vertical or slabby routes with nice holds, where even the basic knowledge of foot technique is adequate. Other harder routes have usually tough cruxes, so don‘t underestimate them – but better climbers can show the beginners how to milk a tufa or two. Most routes are short, apart from the ones on the right. They are decently bolted, so bring 10-12 quickdraws. For harder and longer routes on the right side bring at least 70 meters long rope and around 16 quickdraws.

A – Stone Age
Miš 4b 15m
No.2 5b 15m
Gimnastik 5a 15m
Gumarić 4b 15m
Pifo 4b 16m
Dječje radosti 4c 17m
Light spit 5a 17m
Č.T.B.K. 5c 20m
Digging for gold 5c 22m
B – Botanicus
Kokić 4c 15m
Iz kuta kruga 6a 12m
Breaking bad 7c 15m
Bonsai 8b 20m
Zvući teško 8b 18m
Da li ti se sviđam? 6c 14m
Brus pajser 6b 14m
90-60-90 5c 8m
Noćna smjena 5c 8 m
Gucci Gucci 5a 25m
Botanicus 5a 25m
Cirkus 6b 25m
Geto u konobi P 15m
Šparoga blues 7a+ 15m
Kamena vratina 7b 15m
Panzer division 7b+ 13m
Feed your fear 8a 13m
Hollywood 7b 27m
Snejkuljčica 8b 35m
Hit poletja 7b 37m
C – Amazona
Sjedalica P 8m
Pritisak 7c 7m
No sun no fun 7b+ 7m
Lopovska 7c+ 30m
Tandem 7a 26m
Ribida 5b 17 m
Tobogan 6a 20m
D – The doors
Glavić 5a 25m
Žili mi ruka 6b 14m
Bišprcavrit 5c 12m
Čistać kamina 5c 25m
Way of saxony 6a+ 27m
Les salles degaines 6b+ 28m
Tusta 6b 28m
Zmajeva linija 6a 30m