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Kompanj is in a way a senior crag of climbing around Buzet. It was first discovered by Austrians, followed by Croatians, Slovenians, Italians, and filled with routes of all grades. This is one of the nicest crags, as the sectors are connected, and most routes are excellent – even in the newest sectors to the left. The idyllic village of Klobasi just adds to the scenery and it is no surprise that on a nice day it can be quite crowded here (but it spreads out evenly).


Drive from Buzet towards Rijeka and turn left into Roč. Soon you will turn right for Kompanj and Krkuž. The road splits again at the cemetary. Go right and drive through the woods until you reach the village Klobasi. Park at the specially designated parking before the village. After parking take the long walk through the village and up the hill or just go straight from the parking and to the right part of the crag.


Even though that sometimes some sectors can be in shade, it is too hot in the summer, while you will also just sit under the wall if it rains. It is perfect on winter sunny days.

Rock Quality

The rock can be loose at times – only the older routes are cleaned nicely. Crag is good for the whole family and the routes are nicely bolted. The base is not too big, but it‘s comfortable. Some upper parts to the top are not too great.


If you use the access through the village, behave yourself kindly and unobtrusive. The locals are welcoming to climbers so let‘s keep it that way.

Recommended accommodations

Apartments Roža

Roč 16, 52425 Roč, Croatia

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ROUTES (from left to right)

You will need a bit of everything. Most routes are not too overhanging, so technique and endurance are mostly required. But in the harder routes your strength comes into play – especially around Rocket Max and in Olymp sector. Apart from that, Kompanj has everything – from sharp edges to tufas, from vertical to overhanging wall. Like Babna in Osp, only it‘s not as polished.

Although you can climb a lot with minimal gear, you will need at least 14 quickdraws and longer rope for some routes.

A/1 – Ghey team aka Klobasi
Overgrown 7a+ 25m
Moquette 6a 80m
Marija Frkanja 7c 23m
Je bež ko Vid 7c+ 23m
Salež 7b 25m
Like finger in asshole 7b 25m
Berlin 7a 20m
Gheyteam 7b 25m
Gheylord 7a+ 25m
Meat whip 7a 25m
Vrajži zuobina 7c 25m
P ? 25m
Il principe di Via Pondares 7b 20m
Hasta che siento click 6b+ 25m
Piu bivacchi che cime 6a 28m
Dildo dog 6a 25m
Grandi labbra 6b 25m
Queen of fall 7a 20m
Samo malo grdo 7a+ 20m
A/2 – Ghey team aka Klobasi
Shorty 6b 15m
Pussy sok 6c 18m
Poskok 6b 15m
Vlado Klobas 6a+ 15m
Fessura Panerai 6a+ 22m
Il ritratto di Sasha Grey 7b 22m
Lo specchio di Selen 6c+ 25m
Diedro E. Henger 7b 26m
Minetti contest 8a 16m
Bubamara madness 8c 20m
Sekirica na dubu 7c 20m
La dottrina di Nappi Valentina 7c+ 22m
Hangover party 8c 22m
Hajvan 7c+ 20m
P ? 23m
B – Beastiequeen
Kranj moje mesto 6a+ 12m
Pinki Ponki 7a+ 15m
Grappaquelle 6a+ 10m
Grappaquelle extension 6b 25m
Grappaquelle 2nd extension 6c+ 45m
Realitatsverlust 8a 25m
Fortyfeed woman 8b 25m
Hard sun 8b+ 25m
Rainini 8b 25m
Rainini extension = Go go monster 8c 35m
All in, I’m out 8c+ 15m
Rubi silence 8c 15m
Rocket Max 8a+ 20m
Domaci tofu 8b 20m
Domace kobasice 8a 20m
Nussknacker 8b 15m
Nussknacker extension P 35m
Gayline 7c 20m
New way new life = Gayline extension going left 8a+ 35m
Gayline original = Gayline extension going right 8a+ 35m
Truffelschwein 7a 20m
Truffelschwein Original = Truffelschwein + Gayline Original extension going right 8a 35m
Beastiequeen 7a+ 20m
Glistek = Beastiqueen extension going left 7c 30m
Glistek i Bucek = Beastiqueen 2nd extension going left 7c+ 34m
Uridee = Beastiqueen extension going right 7b+ 30m
Powder war 7b+ 20m
Raw Powder war = Powder war extension 8a 30m
Curfew 7a+ 20m
Curfew variante 7a+ 30m
Yogi line 7c+ 30m
Narikača 8a 30m
Alba 7c 30m
Nadernalin 7b 30m
Diana 6c 30m
Camilla 6c 45m
Eterna promessa 7c 20m
Shit winter 6b+ 20m
Heilige Graal 6c+ 45m
Beauty and the beast 7b+ 25m
Sweet top 6b+ 45m
C – Katz
Surla 6b+ 15m
Rašpa 7a+ 20m
El Baucho 6c 25m
Kompanjero Kompanji 7b+ 25m
Pilates line 7b+ 25m
Aerobic line 7a+ 25m
Planet Paprika 7c 25m
Katz 7c 25m
Parov Stelar 7c+ 25m
Hund 6a 12m
Moppi = Hund extension 7b+ 35m
Charles 6b 35m
Cats 7a+ 25m
Mon Cheri 5c 30m
Tricky fingers 6b+ 15m
Ave Maria 6a+ 15m
Oči dedine 6c 22m
Bart des Propheten 7a 22m
Fritz the cat 7a 22m
Drops 7c 32m
Cransesiene (Go with the flow) 7c 30m
VX 7b+ 30m
Krakra 6b 30m
D – Krankenhaus
Pope on dial 6b 12m
Mići 6c+ 12m
Pope on trial 6b+ 12m
If 6b 12m
Tazadn dan 6b 15m
Dope on dial 6b 15m
Super looser 6a+ 20m
Super looser extension 6b 30m
Roč Cafe 6a 30m
Karo ass 6a 20m
Therapie 5c 20m
Ergo therapie = Therapie extension 7b+ 30m
Looser 6a 20m
Celebral infusion = Looser extension 7a+ 35m
Stojadin 7b+ 20m
Koma 8a 25m
Metzger Schneide 7c 30m
Metzger Schneide Variante 7b+ 30m
Energierauber 7b 27m
Krankenhaus 6c+ 27m
Asylantin 7a 30m
Legionar 7a+ 20m
Psycho killer 8a 20m
Krankenschmaus 6a+ 10m
Shine 7a 20m
Paždroć 6c+ 25m
E – Olymp
Die kalte Morra 6a 15m
Completely incomplete 6c+ 15m
Foreign affair 7a+ 15m
Zubić vila 8b 18m
Der Suderer 8b 15m
Yugo blast 8a 18m
Grenouille 8a 18m
Wizard (same start as Grenouille, then right) 8a 18m
Soul kitchen 8b 18m
P ? 18m
Der Berg ruft 8b 18m