For those tired of the crowds in Kompanj, there is a more private, lonely crag named Krkuž in the near vicinity – for a good reason. For now just a few routes offer quite a challenge to mostly better climbers, especially those skilled in climbing extreme overhangs and with a bit of a bouldering touch. They can be very impressed, once they get to know the crag. There is still a room for new routes. Climbing is possible even if it rains.


If you can get to Roč, you‘re almost there. Drive towards Kompanj, where at the intersection at the cemetery you take the left turn. The parking space is small. Please try to park as unobtrusively as possible before you cross the railway, then cross it on foot and soon turn left over the small bridge into the forest. From here the path is short and clear.


The trees offer shelter and shade, but spring and autumn are still the best times. You can climb also in the rain, but the routes tend to get wet after a while.

Recommeneded accommodations

Apartments Roža

Roč 16, 52425 Roč, Croatia

Stay in Apartments Roža and enjoy in one of the best climbing areas in Istria. Roč is an excellent base for climbing in the crags near this charming village. Just a few minutes away by car to Kompanj, Čiritež, Vela draga, Buzetski kanjon or Kamena vrata. We offer two comfortable fully equipped apartments for max. 7 people. Air conditioning, fireplace, unique wine cellar or open terrace makes it comfortable in any season. Welcome to Roč!

routes (from left to right)

ROUTES (from left to right):

Krkuž is relatively new and well equipped. There is a lot of room under the wall. The routes are short and very steep, mostly 20 meters. But they are bolted close together, so bring at least 10 quickdraws. The routes are very specific and hard, mostly on overhangs and roofs. You need a lot of strength and extremely good technique for climbing in the roof. Because of that even any small hold or sloper is quite a crux, and there are plenty of those.

Pampurio 7b 14m
Krki 7b 14m
Z ginocchieru v Roč (left start into Slippy) 7c+ 15m
Slippy 7c 15m
Brzinski 7c 9m
Kvrt 7c 9m
Vurenka = Kvrt extension 8a+ 20m
Ždraloples 7c+ 9m
Busin 6b+ 7m
Busin extension 8b 20m
Busin extension going right = Žila 8b+ 20m
Plafonjera 8a 20m
Diagonala (same start as Seringunčić, then left) 7c 21m
Seringunčić 8a 21m
Gušti su gušti (same start as Žunta, then left) 8a 20m
Žunta 8a+ 20m
Ultra light 8a 20m
The ladder of freedom 7a+ 15m
From the ladder to the light 7a 15m
? 7b 15m
? (from the ground) 7c+ 20m
Glad 6b 15m
Đule 5c 9m
Biska 5c 15m