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One of Istria’s most dramatic natural phenomena, the Limski kanal drives a narrow ten-kilometre sliver of sea straight into the heart of the peninsula. With densely forested cliffs – rising straight up to a height of 150m – and calm, green crystal clear water below, it could well be mistaken for a Scandinavian fjord. Hollywood certainly banked on the fact. The Lim valley stretches 35 kilometres in total, almost reaching the central town of Pazin. Climbing there is divided in 5 different sectors on the northern side of Limski kanal.


From the Pula – Buje highway take the exit Rovinj/Kanfanar and drive towards Vrsar. In the village of Medaki turn left and soon after you will see big Limski kanal. At this point it depends which sector you want to visit. Maybe you can first check one of the many “vidikovac” aka viewpoints to see picturesque landscape of Lim bay.


Best period to visit Limski kanal is for sure from autumn to spring. It is really special to enjoy climbing in the lonely scenery on warm winter sun. In summer you can climb in the shade in the morning in sector C, while sectors A, D & E get in the shade around 5PM.


Climbing in all sectors is well equipped with resinated bolts on firm grey and reddish limestone.

ROUTES (from left to right)

The climbs follow slabs and cracks, sometimes over some smaller roofs on excellent rock and amazing view towards the nearly sea. In sector D routes get till 40 meters long, so 80 meter rope and a set of 16 quickdraws are obligatory. In other sectors you won’t need more then a 60 meter rope and 12 quickdraws. If you will climb there in warmer period of the year, don’t forget your sun cream. It’s gonna be hot!

A – Gavranik
Duh 7b 8m
Krijanica 5c 12m
? 7c 12m
? 8a 13m
? 7b+ 25m
? 8a 25m
Long man 7a 25m
Šajeta 6b+ 25m
U.G.I.G. 6c+ 25m
Prč 6a+ 25m
Caligo 6a 25m
Pitagora 7a 25m
Šparoga 6a 25m
Karijes 6c 15m
The art 7a 15m
Bak 6c 15m
Bubasera 7a 15m
Podrhtanje 7c 15m
Puiana 7a+ 17m
Cok 7a+ 17m
Voganj 6c 16m
Bljušt 6c+ 16m
Microtac 7a+ 14m
Muškat 6b 14m
Noi 6b 14m
Kantun 5b 14m
Vipera 7a 14m
Stršljanovo gnjiezdo 6b+ 14m
Poskok 6a 14m
Vile 5b 14m
Mr.Bombastic 5c 14m
Žajfa 5b 14m
Mimi 4b 14m
Aoo! Annamo! 5b 14m
B – Horoskop
Otrok 4c 10m
Horoskop 6a+ 10m
Raj 6c 10m
Pakao 7a 10m
Čistilište 6b 15m
Ribe 6a 15m
Vodenjak 7a 15m
Jarac 6c 16m
Strijelac 6b+ 16m
Škorpion 5a 15m
Vaga 6b+ 15m
Djevica 6a+ 15m
Lav 6b 15m
Rak 5c 15m
Blizanci 6b 12m
P ? 10m
Bik 6a+ 11m
Ovan 5c 11m
? 6a+ 11m
C – Krugi
Guž 6a 20m
Zmijska koža 6c 20m
Stršljanovo gnijezdo 5c 20m
Starec in morje 8c 25m
Black pearl 7c+ 25m
Lijevishan 7b+ 25m
Malishan 7c+ 25m
Crvena tišina 7b 25m
Noi altri! E voi altri? 7b+ 25m
Mrak 7c+ 25m
Čikala dance 7a 25m
Divlja ruža 6a 25m
Vepar 5c 25m
Jazavac 6b+ 25m
Franz Xaver Profer 6a+ 22m
Krtica 5b 22m
Mahovina 6a+ 28m
Hrskavica 6a+ 28m
D – Šimije
Sretna nova godina 5b 25m
Sretna nova godina extension 6b 40m
Zima = Sretna nova godina right extension 6a 40m
Paolo, Sara i Silena 5c 40m
Sbarabus 6b 35m
Urlator 6b 25m
Suze di krokodilo 6a 25m
Maneken 6c 35m
Orada 6c 25m
Brancin 6c 40m
Jastog 6b 40m
Buzara od… 6b 25m
Zubatac 6b 40m
Datula 6b 25m
Kalamareto 6c 40m
Hobotnica 6c 25m
List 6a 40m
Kornjača 5c 30m
Pikachu 5a 15m
Vomitino 5b 15m
Mukino 5b 15m
Škrapina 6a+ 40m
Luca Rizzo 6c 18m
Kugumar 6a+ 43m
Bonbon 6a 20m
Flajlalaj 6a 20m
Titiriti 6c 35m
Tatarata 5c 20m
Lipa 5c 25m
Krpelj 6a 20m
Gigi 5c 15m
Somatizza 6a 15m
Šimija 7a 15m
Mille, mille… 6b 15m
Momento catartico 6a+ 15m
Domino 6a+ 11m
E – Kloštar
Lee 6a+ 15m
Hmmm 6c 15m
Acrobata 6c 15m
Mjesečeva površina 6b 15m
Zum zum zum 6b 12m
Ili ja ili ti 6c 15m
Jebemti mobitel 6c 15m
Priča bez kraja 7a+ 15m
P ? 13m
P ? 13m