Pazin is a city situated in the very heart of the Istrian peninsula. Its climbing is divided in two sectors: Zarečki krov and Lido. Zarečki krov is a beautiful waterfall on the Pazinčica river. This is one of the most attractive waterfalls in Istria. The waterfall is falling down from a 10 meter high cliff into a small lake. Below the waterfall you will find an interesting half-cave, which is only dry during summer season. The sector Lido is closer to the city but the climbing there is more local style overgrown with trees and bushes and short routes, so it is not really fully recommendable.


Leave the motorway on Pazin – istok (east) exit and drive towards the town. There are two right turns on a straight, flat part of the road after passing under the railway bridge. Both of them lead to Zarečki krov waterfall and climbing place. For sector Lido follow the main road for another couple of hundred meters towards Pazin and then turn right in the direction of Kršikla. Stay on this road for about 300 meters, pass the bridge and park soon on your right side. This small sector is just below the parking space.


While Zarečki krov is perfect in summer mornings, climbing in sector Lido is possible all year round except summer.


The quality of the limestone here is pretty much the same as in all the other areas around – good.


Pazin is a town of long and rich tradition. It is situated in the very center of the Istrian peninsula, only 30 km away from well-known tourist centers. The intensity of life here is pretty much the same in winter and summer. Pazin was made the administrative center of the Istria county, because it is located in the geographical center of the county and in order to boost the development of the interior of the peninsula.

ROUTES (from left to right)

In both sectors the routes are pretty short, while in Zarečki krov they are mostly very overhanging and in Lido they are fully slabby. Good maximum power and climbing technique are fully essential.

A/I – Zarečki krov
Priroda i loše društvo 6c+ 10m
? 4c 8m
? 5a 8m
? 6b 8m
Ćurka 6b+ 10m
Last action hero 6b 9m
Taši 6a+ 9m
Crveni patuljak 6a+ 7m
Laganica 5b 7m
Teži 4a 5m
Laki 4b 5m
Lakši 4b 5m
A/II – Zarečki krov
Infection groove 8a 12m
Oćo 8b 14m
Nerve 7b+ 8m
Breakdown 7c 10m
Vasiona 7b+ 15m
Vasiona extended 7c+ 25m
Panin 8b+ 31m
Easy ride 8a+ 16m
P ? 10m
P extension ? 17m
Sakrabojski 7c 16m
Sakramenski 7b+ 16m
Erectus 7b 15m
Buhalero 6c 8m
Pet punti 7b 8m
Dog cemetery 7c+ 8m
Kataklizma 7c 6m
Barijera 6c 8m
Čajanac 7a+ 10m
Kanešteta 7a 20m
A/III – Zarečki krov
Tu i sad 6c 10m
4 godine čekanja 7a 10m
Sabotage 7a 20m
B – Lido
Virus 5c 8m
Alien 5b 8m
Predškolski 5b 13m
Školski 6a 13m
Pelica 6b+ 13m
Lido 6a+ 13m
Top secret 7b+ 13m
Durex 5c 13m
Hiperaktiv 7a+ 8m
Brain for dinner 7a 8m
Varijanta Kvazija 6b 8m
Kvazimodo 6b 8m
Road of illness 7a+ 10m
Srce 6a+ 12m
Ženskar 7b+ 12m