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Costiera is full of old patina – there are some rusty bolts, strange anchors and routes that cross each other and zigzag on the wall, and often earn their grade in a nasty or polished crux. But Costiera redeems itself with its scenic location above the sea (which you can reach via a steep path), with tranquility and a little sense of adventure. This is not a big climbing anthill, although it offers many routes of all grades, among which many beauties are hidden.


Costiera lies beside the coastal road between Trieste and Sistiana. You get there the easiest by following the motorway A4, where you take the exit Sistiana and stay on the left side (sign for Costiera). Driving along the road above the coast you will get to a tunnel with a scenic spot and parking – a couple of cars fit on both sides of the tunnel. For the new sector cross the railing at the end of the rest spot and descend on a steep way down. For the old sector cross the railing on the other side of the tunnel and follow the ferrata towards the wall (look at the photo for the spot where you go down).

Don‘t leave valuables in the car – there have been some reported thefts. And watch out when you drive back to the road.


Costiera is a winter crag. The closeness of the sea can bring freshness, which is nice in spring or autumn, when a hot sunny day can be uncomfortable. In summer it is simply too hot, so instead of going to the crag, continue towards the sea and save yourself a heart attack. Mind the sea urchins.

Rock Quality

The rock is solid. But it can be polished. The bolts are generally nice, even re-equipped recently, though there are some old ones. There are some comfortable plateaus at the base, but the approach itself is not advisable for toddlers and feeble people. Some beginnings of routes can be a bit psychotic.

ROUTES (from left ot right)

Be a little conservative and try a grade or two below your level – at least at the beginning. The routes are mostly vertical with an occasional overhang, often polished and at times quite cruxy – either they had really hard grades back then or the ravages of time made them harder. The cruxes are a combo of technical climbing and power, with a few tufas to spice things up.

Most routes are short and the long ones have usually an anchor in the middle. So if you can re-tie your knot, you should be fine with a shorter rope, but take at least 14 quickdraws.

A – Left part
Papillon 5b 17m
Papillon extension 6b+ 35m
Tropical 7c 20m
Wovie Zowie 7b+ 20m
Armadillo brillo 6b 40m
Jango 6c+ 20m
Meglio di niente 7c 18m
Shadow 7b 18m
La mela 6c 18m
Santa Esmeralda 8a 18m
Cocomo 8a 18m
Pensiero positivo 7c 20m
Romantico scoglio</td 6b+ 40m
Variante Aldin 6b+ 20m
Macedonia 4c 16m
Macedonia extension 7b 40m
Liquerizia 6b+ 25m
Mister Fantasy 7b+ 15m
C’est plus facile 6c 8m
Gelati 6c 40m
Settimo cielo 6c 25m
Settimo cielo extension 7a+ 30m
Rambo 7a+ 25m
Rambo extension 7c 30m
Kura 7c+ 27m
Colibri 8a+ 20m
Piperita Patty 6c+ 20m
Piperita Patty extension 7a+ 27m
Mago mago 6b+ 27m
Kren caramel 6c 25m
House party 7c+ 20m
Jon Jon 6c 20m
Burattino pazzo 6a+ 20m
Topo Gigio 5c 25m
Gabriella tutta panna 5c 25m
B – Right part
Finferlucchere 5b 40m
Survival 6b 25m
Hass Fidanken 6b+ 18m
Hass Fidanken extension 6c 40m
Tramezzino 6c 20m
Coca Cola kid 7c 15m
Pallido inverno 7a+ 15m
Exodus 7b 35m
Ultimo tango P 35m
Proghetto P 23m
Bala Lugosi 6c+ 25m
Bala Lugosi extension 7a+ 35m
Minami 7b 22m
Doris 8a 35m
Faccia a faccia con se stessi 7b 12m
Pasticcini 6b+ 30m
Pasticcini extension 7b 40m
Gratton pour homme 8b 13m
Comici 6a 25m
Comici extension 6b 40m
Variante centrale 6b 15m
C – Costiera nuova
? 6a 10m
? 6a 10m
L’ingegner 5c+ 25m
Elisir d’equilibrio 7a 25m
? 6a 12m
Il custode della terra 6b+ 18m
Placca del Lorenzo 7b 25m
Per intenditori 7a 25m
Altri tempi 5c 23m
Xocen 5c 23m