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Even though it lies a little further from Trieste, Doberdo is just too cute to be skipped. The crag is below the lookout Casa Cadorna, which was built in the time of the Isonzo front. It is an exemplary bolted place, with beautiful, continuous routes and a great view on the natural reserve of the Doberdo lake. On a nice day it may be quite crowded.


If you are coming from Trieste, follow the local road through Duino and turn right to SS55 towards Gorizia (when you see a statue of two wolves on your left). Drive on this road through Iamiano and continue on the road surrounded with cypresses. Be mindful on a left turn for Doberdo. Turn here and wait for a cluster of signs and a small path uphill on the right. Park here on the left side of the road and start pumping up the hill. The main sector is under the shack, which is peeking out of the forest, but some short routes lie behind the building among the war tunnels. The road SS55 takes you to Gorizia, while the local road takes you to Doberdo.


Exposition to the south means that summer is not an option. The base is shaded nicely by trees and if it’s not raining, you can climb here from autumn to spring.

Interesting notes

Take time for a trip: ascend Gradina from Doberdo (with a nice weekend museum), or stroll around in the natural reserve. Maybe you can spot a wild cat or golden jackal, horned viper or a rare bird.

ROUTES (from left to right)

The routes are up to 20 meters long and generously bolted, with top notch anchors. The rock is solid, but it can crumble at places. The routes are continuous and vertical with the occasional bulge. Climbing requires endurance, while the harder routes tend to be more technical. Most routes are polished, but it is surprisingly not too troubling. Beginners will enjoy it here the most, especially if they want to learn lead climbing.

La fessura 4b 19m
Lo spigolo 5c 19m
La bianca 5b 19m
Bianchetta 5a 17m
Via facile 3a 15m
Diedrino 4a 16m
Ola 6a 20m
Gialla 5a 20m
Variante uscita gialla 5b 20m
Ali 7a 10m
Diedro grigio 4a 20m
Diedro giallo 4a 20m
Mamma mia 6c+ 20m
TNT 7a+ 20m
Bubu 6a 20m
Le nicchie 5b 20m
Tettuccio 5c 18m
Mah 7a 19m
Salsa 6b+ 19m
Salsa boulder 6a+ 6m
Via nuova 4c 18m
Rischio 6a 16m
Abo 6a+ 14m
Sara 7a 9m
Hops! 6b 7m
Patata 5a 7m