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The crag lies directly under one of the cutest villages in Trieste karst, Santa Croce. Despite the railway that is beside the crag, this is a peaceful place with a beautiful view of Trieste bay. The routes are short, but there is enough material to warrant a nice climbing trip – especially for absolute beginners, as the vertical wall is bolted fairly close. The trip to Santa Croce is best combined with Costiera, which is close by in the Sistiana direction.


You can reach the crag from above, first by criss-crossing the narrow streets of Santa Croce (follow the signs for “SS14 strada Costiera“). When you start do descend to the right, you will first exit the village, then look for a left turn. Ignore the first one. When you reach the second near the tracks, park your car beside the road. The concrete path next to the tracks will bring you to the crag. If you continue with your car straight, across the railway, you will, after a wild downhill descent, get to the coastal road, which brings you to Costiera after 1 km. To get to the crag from below just reverse this text.

Watch how you park. You can get to the crag with your car, but refrain from it.


The exposition is similar to all Trieste crags – to the south. Which means that summer will likely be too hot, but you should enjoy this crag maximally in the other months.

Rock Quality

The rock is of good quality and hosts a few handfuls of kindly bolted 8 and 10 mm bolts. Except for two tree tops, the anchors are great. The base of the wall is comfortable, but watch out for a rare car or bicycle, that breezes by. The routes are short, on a vertical or slabby wall. The right sector even has a few small roofs for spice. Here you will mostly practice your technique, learn to lead climb and make your first steps in the vertical world.


Routes (from left to right)

A – The main wall
1 4c 9m
2 5a 9m
3 4c 10m
4 5b 10m
5 5c 10m
6 4c 9m
7 5a 9m
8 4c 10m
9 5b 10m
10 5c 10m
11 5a 10m
12 6a 12m
13 3c 11m
14 5c 12m
15 5b 11m
16 5c 8m
17 5c 8m
18 5c 8m
B – The right wall
1 4a 4m
2 4c 4m
3 4c 4m
4 5a 6m
5 5c 6m
6 6b 5m
7 5c 4m
8 4a 8m
9 4a 8m
10 4a 8m