December 2023

Merry Christmas to the entire climbing community! In the spirit of the season, Jernej Kruder received an incredible gift from Santa—a redpoint ascent of Martin Krpan (9a), the infamous "monster traverse" in Hladilnik, also known as The Freeze, situated on the right side of Mišja peč. Jernej Kruder shared his reflections on the challenging route, expressing, “I would like to expose something here: I spent many

Italian powerhouse, Stefano Carnati successfully clipped the chains of 20 meters long roof called Sanjski par extension (9a) in the left part of Mišja peč after dedicating three days of effort to it. For Carnati said: "As I moved to Slovenia for my studies, Mišja peč is one of the closest winter crags. I climbed there a few times 12 years ago and it was