End of Easter holidays

So many climbers were in Istria for Easter holidays, you can’t imagine. Conditions were good, all the areas were visited and many hard routes were climbed all over the peninsula. Some of the highlights were:

12 years old Slovakian girl, daughter of two passionate climbers, Vanda Michalkova visited Mišja peč where on 6th of April she redpointed her first 8a, the steep and powerful Corto. Next day, riding on the psyche from Corto, she clipped the chains of two another 8a’s in Mišja peč: Samsara and the first part of Giljotina. 3 days later she redpointed her first 8a+, Sonce v očeh. Just before leaving back home, she crushed another 8a in Mišja peč as well, Iglu. What an amazing week for such a young girl – respect!

In Mišja peč: young German climber Moritz Perwitzschky climbed his 3rd 8c Corrida in the central part. Besides many easier routes, he also onsighted Corto (8a). Another young German, only 14 years old, Philipp Gassner redpointed Marjetica (8b) and Strelovod (8c)Miha Pančur finished his three years long project, the beautiful Sreča vrtnice (8b). Strong Croatian competition climber, Vito Muževič walked through Mrtvaški ples, the artificial 8b. Katarina Kejžar made a one day ascent in three tries of short, bouldery and crimpy Zajček, the soft 8a+ in the right part as well of Pingvin, the artificial 8a. While Adam Scharnitzky from Budapest, Hungary, redpointed the long and hard classic line, Pikova dama (8b). A climber from Czech republic, Petr Urbanovsky went home with ascents of Gorenjski šnops and Mrtvaški ples (both 8b) and polish climber Grzegorz Golowyczyk managed to succeed also in two 8b’s of Mišja peč, Marjetica and Mrtvaški ples as well.

In Italian Istria, Sara Avoscan returned to one of her favorite crags, Napoleonica, where she dispatched the iconic 8b Orcobaleno, which was climbed a week ago by another Italian female climber Eva Scroccaro.

Hungarians made a big invasion to climbing areas near Buzet. Tamas Farkas was having a blast while visiting the best climbing areas in the zone. In Kompanj he smashed Fortyfeed woman and Rainini (both 8b), while in Buzetski kanjon he made a second go ascent of wet Lap dance (8b as well). Lap dance was climbed also by Slovenian Matej Sova.

Now, the crowds are gone, the sun stayed, temperatures rose and “summer” weather conditions arrived. Climbing in the sun is almost impossible, but there are plenty of shady places, worth to check in this conditions: Mišja peč, the summer sector of Buzetski kanjon, the big cave in Osp, maybe even Baratro or Skedenj, the cave in Črnotiče, Zarečki krov near Pazin, Vintjan,…