Perfect winter conditions for climbing on Istrian sun

photo @ Klemen Bečan coaching

As burja, the cold and dry wind from NE arrived, the temps had fallen significantly, but the sun arrived almost every day on our Istrian crags. Around 0C degrees in the morning and in one digit above during the day, so quite crispy in the morning and evening, but with wind protection you can easily climb without a T-shirt during the day and with for some, top conditions in the shade 😉.

The tufas are mainly dry, so the crags are fully busy during the weekends and also during the week you can be surprised how many people climb in Mišja peč these days. Of course, it is super nice to be there on the sun with so many good friends. 😊

In Mišja peč some days ago Žiga Oražem crushed Mrtvaški ples, the classic power endurance challenge in the central part of Mišja peč, probably the most repeated 8b over here.

Then Jakob Šparovec executed and smashed Karizma, the 35 meters long, hard and crimpy 8b+.

Young Austrian Nico Ferlitsch from Villach, the »new« Warmbad local, fired its neighbouring Vizija (8c) in just a couple of tries.

On the girl’s side, we saw a fast ascent of young Ajda Lovše in long Uživacija (8a). The 35 meters long route, with many rests in between but as well many damn hard sections.

In between trying his main goal, Jakob Bizjak in just 6 tries redpointed quiet rarely repeated Sanje za dušo (8b+), the right extension of the nice J.S.F.K. (7c+), followed by endurance climbing to a no hand rest and a hard boulder to finish on the top of the wall, Luka Zazvonil‘s creation.

In sector above the village of Osp called Banje, Damjan Gruden climbed Matičkov svet, where in its history many crucial holds fell off, but still remained 8b.

Congrats to all!

Klemen Bečan had his first coaching weekend on his home ground ever! Friday evening they were at Plus Climbing Gym owned by Luka Fonda in Koper, Saturday in Osp, sector Babna with onsight technics lectures and sunny weather, followed in the evening by theoretic lectures in comfy Hiša Robida where they stayed during the whole weekend. They had there as well the first presentation of Klemen & Anja’s new movie of the hardest multipitch in the Balkans, Roctrip , Drašnice (8c+, 220m)! Trailer: here!

Then on Sunday, they were back on the rocks over there, but unfortunately it was quite cloudy and freezing cold, but still an amazing experience commented by Nika Kuplenk and Jan Golobič. This are their comments, Jan first:
»I had a great time with Klemen and Anja, they are both relaxed and down-to-earth so it was awesome to hang out with them over the weekend. I only climbed for about a year before going to this training weekend and as a beginner I really learned a lot. Klemen is super good at sharing his rich experience and conveying his vast knowledge in climbing to others. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to improve as a climber to take part.«
…and then Nika:
»I attended the training weekend in Osp, Slovenia and really liked it. We were in the boulder gym the first day and it was interesting too see how small differences can make a great impact on climbing performance or just finding a useful rest. The other two days we spent outdoors, using everything Klemen and Anja had to offer. They were very supporting and didn’t mind at all that I climbed top-rope. The atmosphere was super relaxed and friendly and I enjoyed our time together a lot. Klemen was happy to share a lot of useful information and answered everything we were interested in and Anja took some amazing photos. They also did a presentation one evening and it was packed with tips you can’t get anywhere else. I would definitely recommend training with Klemen and Anja to anyone who wishes to improve his either top-rope or lead climbing in a friendly and fun environment.«

Some free spots for the next coaching with Klemen Bečan are still avaible for the end of February or beginning of the March in magnificent cliffs of Istria, book them now! 😉

The weather forecast for the next days looks perfect and hopefully it will remain the same for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays! Did you book the accommodation already, it will be full?

BTW: Also the best climbing couple in the whole world, Domen Škofic and Janja Garnbret, were climbing this weekend in Mišja peč, after their well deserved holidays on Maldives, so stay tuned to find something more!