Quentin Chastagnier & Lea Philippon climbing trip

Quentin Chastagnier & Lea Philippon on a rock climbing trip

A strong and funny French climbing couple from Grenoble, Quentin Chastagnier and Lea Philippon went on a half year climbing trip from France to Turkey and back. Traveling with their van they have stopped a bit in Italy in the classic areas such as Val di Mello, Arco, passed Austria and climbed in Warmbad. Afterwards they came to Slovenia where they met our friend Martina Čufar and climbed in Bohinjska bela and Bitnje.

They have stoped also in our region for a couple weeks. Lea is recovering from finger injury so she is climbing mostly onsight more easier routes, while Quentin is fully on. In couple of tries he managed to redpoint:
– Kaj ti je deklica, 8b+ in Mišja peč
– Reinini 8b in Kompanj
– Fortyfeed woman 8b in Kompanj
– Rocketmax 8b in Kompanj

Quentin tried a bit as well Histerija (8c+) in Mišja peč, got super motivated but decided to leave it maybe for the way back home. Now they are in Dvigrad where Quentin is trying to make 3rd ascent of Malvazija, 8c+. Good luck dude!

We wish you a nice trip!