The peregrine falcon

The peregrine falcon is nesting in Mišja peč

The peregrine falcon hanging out on a tree on top of the Caffe expresso (8a+) in Mišja peč @ photo by Jure Franko

Climbers be aware before coming to Mišja peč. The peregrine falcon is nesting on a ledge above Teta Liza (7a), Oro puro (7c), 9a (6c, 7c) and Uncle Ben (7b). Those routes are now strictly forbidden to climb. Anyways, those routes are in the burning sun all day long and they are not possible to climb under these climbing conditions in summer. Also, some snakes appear on these sunny ledges at that time. So, wait with those routes until the autumn and also peregrine falcon and his new family will be grateful.

Some good news also came from Projekt OSP. Rajko Zajc rebolted Pikova dama (8b) and Miha Kern Galaktika (8a), both in Mišja peč. Good work, guys! Here is the link for donations to Projekt OSP!

Another crazy astonishing news coming really soon, stay tuned!