October 2017

photo @ Kompanj Klemen Bečan really not tires from climbing. Looks like he is not taking rest days at all, since he’s onsighting, bolting new routes, doing FAs, coaching on climbing camps and so on. This time he was climbing on the left side of Kompanj, more specifically in sector Klobasi or Ghey team however you prefer. In between routes La dottrina di nappi Valentina (8a) and

It’s not only happening on Octoberfest, f… Rocktober is in Istria! Good conditions are here, enthusiastic climbers are filling the crags, and nature makes you feel nice and warm in it's autumn colors. Let's start with the queen of our climbing areas, Mišja peč. Young and strong guns Klemen Novak and Matevž Stopar both redpointed Lahko noč Irena (8b) in a burning sunny day and Australian Heather Trevarthen smashed

Istarske toplice @photo by Anja Bečan Klemen Bečan was climbing in Istria during his training camp. In between he managed some first ascents in Istarske toplice. First he onsighted Panino con tutto for which he proposed a grade around 8a, afterwards he onsighted as well a project left from Fino a qui tutto bene (8b+) for which he proposed a grade of 8b and named it