June 2022

PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE WHO LOVES OUR NATURAL CLIMBING WALLS To boil this letter down to bullet points for people skimming: - Our natural climbing walls in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia are getting chipped, drilled, and glued to death - It’s not a few routes, or a few holds, it is substantial manufacturing - Reports from locals are of entire crags put up with heavy fabrication - We want

Latest climbing news come from Baratro and the big cave of Osp. We have already reported about Luca Bacer's first ascent of L'ammazzasogni (8c) in Baratro a week ago. Besides that Jernej Kruder flashed short, powerful and as usual for Baratro totally artificial Corrida (8a+). Jaka Šprah redpointed probably the easiest 8b over there, Masochismo and the amazing power endurance fest La peste nera (8b+).