February 2023

Slovenian climber, Mitja Jereb has climbed his first 8c, Strelovod in Mišja peč. After one hold partially broke off on the end of traverse, Mitja Jereb used a kneepad to pass the sequence and successfully clipped the chains. Big congrats! Also in Mišja peč, Tomaž Bevk redpointed the rarely done Klobasa (8b). It was first ascended in 1988 by Tadej Slabe and graded 8a+. It was

Finally some nice weather showed up in Istria and made good conditions for climbing on the sun. Looks like our latest article Projects in Istria inspired some climbers for some new first ascents. Domen Kolenko made a first ascent of Jurij Ravnik's project in Mišja peč. The new route starts right from Stinger (7c) and ends on the anchor of Skodelica kave (7b). Now it has