August 2023

Gonzalo Larrocha, a 39-year-old math teacher from Huesca, Spain, along with his wife Silvia, embarked on a memorable summer holiday along the stunning sea coast of Slovenia and Croatia. As previously mentioned in our climbing news, their journey commenced with a visit to the Osp cave. There, Gonzalo redpointed the challenging 55-meter overhang route named Helikopter v pošasti. Impressively, even in the face of sweltering

This summer has brought about a whirlwind of weather patterns. From scorching heatwaves to daily downpours, the situation has escalated to floods in the northern part of Slovenia. Nevertheless, amidst these challenges, the climbers in Istria continue to tackle hard summer sends on a daily basis. This time, let's journey from the south to the north. In the Croatian section of Istria, precisely within the Buzetski