Baratro is re-opened!

Baratro is re-opened! Thanks to association “Proghetto Verticale Trieste“! Please follow the rules written here!

Climbing area Baratro

Association “Proghetto Verticale Trieste” welcomes all the climbers.

Association was founded to save the access and frequency of the climbing areas around Trieste and the first result is in saving this magnificent climbing area named Baratro. It is wanted to mantain direct communication with all the climbers.

Anyways, you are asked not to share the GPS location of the spot, climbing guidebooks or lists of the routes.


• Respect the signs for access and park on a main road in civil manner.
• It is asked to act in respectful way towards the local residents. Staying in good relationship with them is the first step to continue visiting the climbing area.
• Leave the climbing area in the way you found it, take away your trash and in case you found some, take away also that.
• It is asked to cover all the human secretions.
• It is totally forbidden to make fire, build constructions or to change the ambient.
• It is totally forbidden to change the climbing routes before getting in contact with Progetto Verticale Trieste ASD.
• It is totally forbidden to change the natural rock, moving, changing, making better or creating new holds in all styles and with all the tools or material.

Climbing is an potentially dangerous activity, so climb at your own risk. Progetto Verticale Trieste ASD is not responsible for any injuries. Make always partner check, use the material in good condition and think about using the helmet.

If you want to contribute with developing and maintaining this climbing area as well as the others around Trieste, you can support or donate to this association.

For all the other information get in touch with the association.

Thank you and enjoy the climbing!