Climbing news from the hardcore summer spot, Baratro

Baratro stands as the top-notch summer spot for hardcore climbing in Istria. Being in the shade all day and benefiting from the occasional north wind, it offers ideal conditions for challenging climbing activities. As a result, many of the latest impressive ascents have emerged in Baratro.

Curious about the recent climbs?

Local climber from Trieste, Andrea Pustetto, successfully conquered the extension of Apache Kid (8b), while 14-year-old Andrea Chelleris triumphed in La Supercanna (8b+).

The Slovenian climbers also made their mark on this cool spot. Jaka Šprah used his experience and completed the soft Holokaust (8b+), and the World Cup competitor, Martin Bergant, sent Il Musico (8b) on his second attempt. Additionally, he accomplished the challenging Il Sicario Sanguinario (8c). Not to be outdone, his girlfriend, Lana Skušek, ticked the crimpy Placcoman (8a) and the powerful Apache Kid (8a+).

Given the recent heat wave with temperatures soaring above 35 degrees Celsius, these achievements are truly admirable.

For more information about Baratro, check out their Facebook page.

Also, stay tuned for updates on our page with summer crags such as Pazinska jama in Croatia and Skedenj in Slovenia!

Keep up the great work and happy climbing!