Some redpoints around Istria

Carneval, Valentine’s day, bad weather & some redpoints in Istria

Last couple of days was quite bad weather with many clouds, some rain, cold temperatures and humid air. Despite that there was plenty of stuff going on, from Carneval to Valentine’s day,…

Some really bad ass motivated climbers managed to get some ticks. Just to mention a few of them:

Marko Šturm visited his local crag Lijak next to Nova Gorica, where he fired off the hardest and the most beautiful route of the crag, James Bond, 8b.

Luka Biščak visited old and classic crag of Dvigrad in the heart of Croatian Istria. In the home of slab climbing, he did one of the rare repeats of an beautiful & technical 8b with the name Otavarium.

Gašper Pintar returned to Mišja peč after doing lots of hard training indoors. In just two days of work he climbed the long and hard 8b, J.S.F.K..