Deep Water Solo in Istria

In this hot summer it is hard to get motivated and to climb 30+ meters endurance routes also in the shade. If you are on holidays in Istria or just on a short weekend trip don’t forget on possibility of having fun on the rocks just above the sea…the sport called deep water soloing. There are quite a few very nice destinations to go to. So don’t hesitate, take your climbing shoes and your bathing suites and hit the road, man! You, your girlfriend or your family…everybody will enjoy it!

Starting from the north, direction going to the south of Istria…

Above Trieste there is a famous beach called Sistiana. On the far right side (looking to the seaside) just close to the parking lot you will find a bolted climbing area Sistiana. From there continue direction towards the sea and just around the corner you will find some beautiful deep water solo routes. The most famous route for sure is the one that goes from the sea directly to the big cave in the middle of the wall. This »classic« was also DWS freed to the top of the wall, but be careful of some loose rock on the top. It’s scary as well. In another option, exit…the best way is to jump down in the sea from this big cave in the middle of the wall.

Further down the coast if you continue your travel direction Pula, stop in Rovinj. Just a bit outside from the harbour of Rovinj you will find the island called Sveta Katarina. You can get there easily there by taking a taxi boat for about 3€. On this small island on the south shore you can find a perfect deep water solo crag with nine routes from 5b to 7a and some projects as well, not more than ten meters high and water very well deep and blue as well. Very nice indeed! Topo you can find on: Sveta Katarina

Continue on the road to the far end of Istrian peninsula, to the biggest city of Istria called Pula. Just a bit outside of the coast you can find one of the best deep water solo challenges in Istria. The cave is called Stoja and is a truly an impressive crag with many options from easy to extremely hard routes.

On the far end of the peninsula you will find the natural park called Kamenjak. You have to pay some small fee to entry but for sure it is totally worth it. Take your family or friends and go there deep water soloing. They can relax on a perfect beach above the clear and blue Adriatic sea and you can enjoy one of the best deep water soloing in Istria. The routes are on the right from the first beach in small caves just above the enough deep, blue and fresh water. Enjoyment guaranteed! After full day of having fun stop in one of the best scenic bars in the area, just close to the parking space, called Safari bar!

On the eastern coast of Istria close to Ičići you can find another DWS spot. The cliff is located on a coastal promenade of Franz Joseph I. (a great walking option from Opatija to Lovran), namely on a curve between the restaurants Venezia and Villa Ariston. It is not far from marina too – just go in direction of Opatija. Right above the cliff is a small viewpoint with a bench for young lovers. The cliff consists of 17 routes from 5a to 7b and one remaining project.

Not to forget to mention endless possibilities for Deep Water Soloing on coasts of the islands Krk and Unije, for those you will need sea kayak.