Couch surfing

FA: Klemen Bečan Couch surfing (8c+) Osp cave

Two new hard first ascents in Istria!

Klemen Bečan did the extension of Troja in the big cave of Osp, now with the name Couch surfing and the grade 8c+. After classic Troja (8a), you get a batman rest position, followed with some hard and long reaches, then a boulder you can find only on world cup boulder competitions, something incredible to climb on and even just to watch. After that boulder it continues for another 10 meters of very hard climbing with long moves in between the stalactites with many toe and hill hooks. There you get the proper rest and you can clip the second anchor (hard 8c). Next 20 meters of amazing 3D tufa chaos gives this 60 meters long monster the full grade of 8c+. King line to admire!

On the other side of the border, under the village of Roč (Croatia) and it’s famous Kompanj in a new developing crag Rock n Roč young Croatian Borna Čujič made the first ascent of a short new route The time (8b+). Very short (12 meters) but very steep route on small holds with a dynamic exit.

There is always something new in Istria! 😀