Fresh news from Istria

Finally the temps dropped down and immediately we saw some impressive ascents in the crags of Istria.

Marko Šturm from Nova Gorica, Slovenia redpointed his first 8b+ ever. He climbed the 45 meters long Active discharge in the big cave of Osp. Well done, dude!

Croatian Gianfranco Dušič visited for his 26th birthday the secret cave of Skedenj near Sežana. He gave himself the best birthday present ever with clipping the chains of two 8b’s: Via di mezzo and El trabajo des borracho. Happy birthday Gianfranco!

In Skedenj Luka Fonda and Gabriele Gorobey – Sbisi are bolting a new king line in the center of the cave. Who knows how hard it will be?

Also in Baratro (secret cave near Trieste) climber from Trieste Ciano bolted and freed a new totally natural line right of Pop. The grade is probably around 8a and the name is Zooropa. It was already repeated by young Eva Scroccaro and Andrea Padoan.

Hopefully hot summertime weather ended and from now on we will see many of hard routes climbed in the area. Have fun 😉