August 2015

Finally the temps dropped down and immediately we saw some impressive ascents in the crags of Istria. Marko Šturm from Nova Gorica, Slovenia redpointed his first 8b+ ever. He climbed the 45 meters long Active discharge in the big cave of Osp. Well done, dude! Croatian Gianfranco Dušič visited for his 26th birthday the secret cave of Skedenj near Sežana. He gave himself the best birthday present

The summer is here! That's the reason for this article. :) In Istria you can easily combine summer holidays on the seaside with some climbing in between. Of course you have to avoid climbing in the sun, so we suggest you the following summer climbing areas in Istria: Buzetski kanjon For sure one of the best summer destinations you can choose in Istria. Sector Pengari is in the