Paula nad prepadom (8a+) in Črnotiče

Before coronavirus

Gregor Šeliga in FA of Paula nad prepadom (8a+) in Črnotiče @ photo by Štefan Wraber

Before coronavirus hit us badly and climbing outdoors was still allowed, Gregor Šeliga first ascended a new route in Črnotiče cave. The new route now has the name »Paula nad prepadom« and a proposed grade of 8a+. It starts with the same boulder as Gnojna bula (8a+) and then goes left into Kremplja (8b). In Mišja peč, Luka Biščak showed up after a while, back in shape and has finished his nemesis route Gorenjski šnops (8b). Thumbs up guys.

Due to coronavirus, all the climbers are asked to avoid climbing in our climbing areas as hospitals are fully occupied on handling the pandemics situation, so all the risks to get injured or spread the infection are way too much. Please respect that! The rocks will wait for you, maybe it’s time to do some stretching at home or if you need to train, why not to use a fingerboard or do some core exercises. For ideas you can follow: Stefano Ghisolfi, Sara Grippo, Alexandra Ladurner, Jakob Schubert, Anna Stoehr, Mina Markovič, Bolder scena, Alex Puccio,…

Our empathy goes to our Italian climbers especially in the region of Lombardia with the epicentre Bergamo. Stay safe!