Missing drink

Highlights from Mišja peč

Photo @ Mina Markovič trying Missing drink (8b+) in Mišja peč

Mišja peč is the queen of Slovenian top level climbing. It offers more than 200 routes, out of which more than 70 are in the French 8th and 9th scale. It is also home to Slovenia’s hardest sport climbing route, Adam Ondra’s unrepeated Vicious circle (9a+/b). Logically, most of the climbing news from Istria come from Mišja peč. In October the conditions for climbing in Mišja peč got prime, that is why we have so many hard redpoints to report.

50 years old Croatian, Igor Čorko, climbed his second 8c, Strelovod in the right part of Mišja peč. The same combo route was also done by strong Jernej Kruder.

Italian Andrea Padoan redpointed another 8c, the long Corrida in the central part of Mišja peč.

Another Andrea, this time Pustetto, also living in Trieste, clipped the chains of his first 8b+, the beautiful endurance testpiece named Kaj ti je deklica.

Dominik Fon did a one-day ascent of powerful Missing drink (8b+).

On the women’s side, Mina Markovič smashed Chiquita, the hard and crimpy 8b. The first part which is graded as 8a was also done by Maša Arnšek.

Today it was raining but tomorrow the sun will come back and looks like it will stay for a while. Let’s just hope that the situation with Corona crisis will let us visit our favorite climbing areas very soon.