Mišja peč

Xaxid hostel (9a) in Mišja peč by Jakob Bizjak

Jakob Bizjak climbed the hardest of three 9a’s in Mišja peč, Xaxid hostel in the central part of Mišja peč. (the other, “easier 9a’s” are Sanjski par extension and Martin Krpan“).

Xaxid hostel was first ascended in 2006, by World Cup competitor Tomasz Mrazek, he grade it as a 9a+. Adam Ondra repeated it 2009 repeated it in terrible humidity, after he said: ”…definetely the hardest in Mišja peč, I would go rather for hard 9a than 9a+”. Anyways, with the first ascent of Tomasz Mrazek, Xaxid hostel promised that everyone who repeats the route, gets a free night at their hostel.

Xaxid hostel is 40 meters long 9a route, as Stefano Carnati said:” Great long route with a heinous sequence on slippery holds close to the begin and several other low-percentage moves higher up. Not over until the end.”

Jakob’s comment: “Xaxid Hostel ✅️ 😁 Still cant believe that, despite the time struggle and uncertain conditions, I somehow managed to control the physical, mental and external factors just enough to put the puzzle pieces together. 🙂 Definetely the best, most complex and by far the hardest climb I have done in my life.
Big thanks to Jakob Puhar, Jaka Dimnik and Gabriele Gorobey (hope you do it soon man!!!) for adopting me on this partnerless day.”

Link to Xaxid hostel (9a) victory whipper by Jakob Bizjak.

Bravo Bizi, you are the king!