Stefano Carnati in Vicious circle (9a+/b) in Mišja peč @ photo by Nicholas Hobley

First repeat of Istria’s hardest route, Vicious circle (9a+/b)

Stefano Carnati made the first repeat of Istria’s hardest route, Vicious circle (9a+/b) in the left part of Mišja peč. Vicious circle (9a+/b) was first ascended by Adam Ondra, back in March 2016. Stefano commented his ascent: “9a+/b. 40 movements, extreme power endurance climbing with a hard crux. Broke the first hold and the entry section got slightly harder (climbed it second try before then had to spend two days to solve it), but used kneepads which helped for some rests. In my opinion the first half itself is much harder than the second (i.e. “Sanjski par”), but the second is definitely the redpoint crux. What a process! 2nd ascent and 2nd hardest route I’ve climbed so far!”

Besides Vicious circle (9a+/b), on his next visit to Mišja peč he redpointed short and crimpy Človek ne jezi se (8c) and onsighted the bouldery Truplojedka (8a). Crazy!

Also noteworthy, Anamarija Volarić crimped her way up her first 8a, Oktoberfest in Mišja peč, as well. Alberto Pasini, 47 years old father of two kids, having quite a demanding job, sent his first ever 8a in Mišja peč last week, the classic Samsara.

Guido De Sabatta ticked another 8b, this time the long and beautiful, Pikova dama (8b) in the same crag.

Above Trieste bay, in scenic Napoleonica, in sector Mano di Fatima, local climber Furio Lagonigro clipped the chains of Sacro e profano (8b).

The good weather continues, so see you on the rocks. Enjoy the spring.