New signs in Osp Climb Istria

New signs in the valley of Osp

Mountain association of Slovenia and Municipality of Koper have set up new signs for climbers on the entrance of the valley of Osp. On signs there are well explained rules of conduct: where to park your car, how to reach the crag, how to behave in the area,…

Once more, we kindly ask you to follow these rules strictly. Locals are really trying to set things up and leave the climbing area open to all.

Rules of conduct:
1. Park your car only on areas designated for parking.
2. Parking on local roads, meadows, archards or on areas where you block access for locals is strictly forbidden.
3. Camping is allowed only in camp Vovk.
4. Illegal camping and incorrect parking can be sanctioned by the police or officials of MO Koper.
5. Use only existing and well-trodden paths. Do not shorten your approach with shortcuts across agricultural areas.
6. On your way follow the marks on the posts or other marks.
7. Paths are intented only for walking. Driving your motorbike or bicycle is not allowed.
8. Do not visit the crags at times when they are closed for climbing. Do not climb colsed routes.
9. Do not destroy flora and fauna, damage the rock walls, signs or any other objects.
10. Preserve and strenghten good relationships with locals.
11. Respect the habits, property and lifestyle of locals.
12. Screaming at the crag is forbidden (do not disturb the locals or animals).
13. Take your trash with you and leave no trace.
14. Keep dogs on a leash and clean after your dog if it relieves itself.
15. Do not perform your physiological needs in the nature.
16. Making fire is forbidden.
17. In case of accident call emergeny number 112 and help as much as you can.
18. Without the consent of proper authorities the making of new routes is forbidden.