Osp and Misja pec

Summer climbs: from stormy afternoons to proper summer

Afternoon showers and fresh mornings last week were perfect for Štefan Wraber who climbed his first 8b+ ever, Missing link in Mišja peč. Also very young Anej Batagelj visited Mišja peč and onsighted the first part of J.S.F.K. (7c+). Bravo guys!

This week already summer started with temperatures being over 30 degrees Celzius. All the climbers ran to the summer crags. Boštjan Weingerl redpointed Masochismo (8b) in the secret crag of Baratro above Trieste. Rok Blagus did Onda anomala (8b) in another secret area called Skedenj close to Sežana and as well Helihopter v omaki (8b) in the big cave of Osp. In fact the most hardest ascents were done in that impressive cave. Just to name a few of them.

Ana Senegačnik climbed the tricky bouldery Baram baram (8a), Mitja Predikaka redpointed his first 8b+, the 55 meters long Active discharge, which was climbed as well by unstoppable Igor Čorko – Deda.

Looks like summer started in its full push. Istria has quite some nice climbing areas also for the summer. We would suggest to visit:
The big cave of Osp
– Secret crag Baratro above Trieste
– Secret crag Skedenj close to Sežana
– Routes behind the tower of Črni kal always welcome you with a nice breeze
Črnotiče in the mornings are fresh as well
– Summer sector called Befana in Buzetski kanjon
– Windy Portafortuna on the island Krk
Vintjan in Pula
Zarečki krov near Pazin is always chilly in the morning
– The easy crag of Rovinj stays in the shade till 2-3 PM
– Try some deep water solo on Kamenjak (the far end of Istrian peninsula) or as well on the far left side of the Sistiana beach.

Enjoy the summer and have fun!