June 2016

Photo @ Luca Bacer bouldering in Črnotiče We are receiving many questions concerning bouldering in Istria. Istria is world known for its limestone sport climbing areas such as Osp or Mišja peč, areas around Trieste and the new developing mecca of sport climbing around the city of Buzet. The bouldering in Istria was never prime activity over here, maybe because the rock is limestone and the routes

Afternoon showers and fresh mornings last week were perfect for Štefan Wraber who climbed his first 8b+ ever, Missing link in Mišja peč. Also very young Anej Batagelj visited Mišja peč and onsighted the first part of J.S.F.K. (7c+). Bravo guys! This week already summer started with temperatures being over 30 degrees Celzius. All the climbers ran to the summer crags. Boštjan Weingerl redpointed Masochismo (8b)

27-years old Leo from Muggia (Trieste) was not only a climber or a marvellous photographer, he was a respectful man, a true friend and a man who loved the mountains in their full shape and everything else that comes within. He unfortunately passed away this Thursday 9th of June while skiing from the top of the Laila peak (6096m) in Karakorum (Pakistan), while trying to

Bad weather in the last period forced all the climbers to visit Istria where climbing is possible all year round in any conditions you might imagine. There were a lot of climbers over there, many hard routes were done and here are some highlights from the last days/weeks! Franci Jensterle, born back in 1967, one of the most experienced Slovenian sports climbers ever, besides having a