Scorching heights: Climbing adventures in Istria’s summer heat

The summer heat has hit hard this year in Istria. Already experiencing one heat wave a few weeks ago, an even stronger one is expected in the coming days. Despite the soaring temperatures, climbers in the region have been making impressive ascents.

Recent climbs

Local climber Luca Bacer from Trieste redpointed the athletic Hercules (8b+) in the secret spot of Baratro. In Krkuž, he also flashed the steep Plafonjera (8a), showcasing his exceptional skill and determination.

Giulio Baxa achieved success by clipping the chains of Violento dubbio (8a+). He proposed a downgrade from 8b due to the numerous rest spots. The route is a connection of Violenza carnale (8a) and Dubbio finale (8a+).

In Krkuž, a new project has been bolted by Cedomir Cikić – Čedo and Gabriele Gorobey – Sbisi. This ambitious new line begins to the right of Žunta (8a+), crosses both Žunta and Gušti su gušti (8a), and continues to the left. The line features a challenging bouldery start in a roof, followed by an obvious crack that stretches for almost 30 meters.

Mina Markovič was climbing in Brseč, where she onsighted the first pitch of the classic Schussler (7c+) in the fabulous sector Pod križ.

In Mišja peč, Italian Luca Casadei fired the powerful classic, Mrtvaški ples (8b) on his forth go.

Congratulations to all climbers

Congratulations to all climbers! You are the real heroes of Istria, showing that the summer heat doesn’t deter you from pursuing your passion.

Exciting news: Skedenj reopening

There is also some great news. The formerly secret spot near Sežana, called Skedenj, is reopening soon. Projekt OSP has obtained the necessary documents to legalize the climbing area, and rebolting is currently underway. If you plan to visit soon, be aware that a problematic individual has been known to harass climbers. If he approaches you, immediately call the police as the crag is now legal and he has no right to disturb you.

The climbing topo of the crag will be published on our page in the next few days. Stay tuned for more updates!