December 2015

Igor Čorko in Osapska pošast (8c) in the big cave of Osp @ Photo by Luka Tambača The biggest climbing news from the last week comes from 45 years old Croatian from Varaždin, Igor Čorko, who redpointed his first 8c ever - the 55 meters long endurance monster Osapska pošast in the big cave of Osp. Igor is well known in the climbing scene for climbing

@ Photo by Luka Fonda Adam Ondra returned to Osp this weekend. He was back trying his project in Tedi’s cave in the left part of Mišja peč. Due to a bit of his tiredness from the whole year of hard training he had to return home without clipping it’s anchor. Besides Mina Markovič’s amazing flashes and redpoints last week, this time she did the FFA of

During the last week Mina Markovič climbed so many hard routes in Mišja peč it’s hard to imagine. Already last week she easily flashed Lucky Luke (8b), the right extension of Hugo. But Saturday was her “no gravity day” when she first flashed Popaj (8a+), afterwards flashed hard and crimpy Chiquita (8b) and then pretty well warmed-up she hiked on flash as well the endurance challenge of