December 2016

Barbara Raudner in Total extrem (8a) in Medveja @ photo by Hannes Raudner Hiebler Christmas and New Year's holidays are here! In Istria the weather forecast looks very promising, just sun for the next week! Make a reservation for your accommodation soon! Already now, in the last days, there were perfect conditions with sun, nice temps and full grip. Young and seriously strong Italian Matteo Menardi returned to

Domen Škofic in Ninja želva (8c) @ photo by Piotrek Deska This years best lead world cup circuit couple Janja Garnbret and Domen Škofic showed up in Mišja peč last week. Totally relaxed after the mega successful WC season, they wanted to try something hard, really hard, but still without any expectations, no pressure, no grades, so they decided to give a go in one of

Matteo Menardi in Halupca 1979 (9a), the big cave of Osp @ photo from his FB Only 18 years old Italian climber Matteo Menardi from Cortina d'Ampezzo redpointed his third 9a, Halupca 1979 in the big cave of Osp. Halupca is extremely overhanging route about 25 meters long, with resistant first part that leads directly in to a hard boulder sequence on flat pinches and extreme

Igor Čorko in Millenium (8b+), Mišja peč @ photo by Luka Tambača Couple of days ago, 46 years old Croatian, a real local climber in Istria, ticked one of his longest life projects. Igor Čorko redpointed 40 meters long Millenium, route passing the steepest upper part of Mišja peč. Millenium (8b+) is the extension of the classic Mozaik (7c+) that after its first chain goes directly in