March 2017

Andraž Gregorčič in Pikova dama (8b) in Mišja peč @ photo by Boštjan Weingerl Spring arrived and the temps got incredibly high for this period of time. But anyways climbers pushed hard and many personal bests were achieved, as well some nice redpoints. Andraž Gregorčič and Simon Jesenko crushed their first 8b ever, the legendary Pikova dama in Mišja peč. Pikova dama was climbed as well by

Like usual, Mišja peč was again the center of Istrian hardcore climbing. Polish powerhouse Lukasz Dudek was trying the ultimate challenge of Mišja peč, Adam Ondra's unrepeated Vicious circle (9a+/b). He is making really good connections on the route, so hopefully he will finish it soon. In between he also redpointed Gorenjski šnops (8b) and osighted Tekila (8a) in Mišja peč, made a fast visit to sector