June 2018

Photo @ Fabio Mazzilis in La Supercanna (8b+) in Baratro Seems like Baratro is the crag to climb in Istria at the moment. All the routes are totally dry, it is not too hot, neither too cold, always with some fresh wind present. For the ones that don’t know Baratro. It is a secret summer crag above the gulf of Trieste with more then 50 routes in

Photo @ "Secret" crag of Baratro above Trieste Not many climbing news from Istria in the last days, but still some hats down routes were climbed here. Luca Bacer did the Sicario sanguinario (8c), a 30-meter long endurance route in the centre of the “cave” in Baratro. Also, Katarina Rus was there and she fired the last years masterpiece of Ciano, Zooropa for which she believes it