June 2019

Photo @ Sector “Freezer aka Hladilnik” on the far right side of Mišja peč Summer heat just doesn't let go, the temperatures are far above 30 degrees Celsius during the day and also much more than 20°C already in the morning. Climbing is possible only in fresh caves such as Baratro, Skedenj, Grotta Caterina, maybe even in the summer sector of Buzetski kanjon. For sure, deep

Maša Arnšek in Placcoman (8a) in Baratro @ photo from her FB In the last days, first heat waves of the year arrived. It was hot, humid and perfect for the first swim in the sea of the year. Deep water soloing season started, check where to go here. What about climbing news from Istria? Andraž Gregorčič used some last good climbing conditions before summer in Mišja peč with