July 2019

photo @ Vera Gussetti in Violento dubbio (8b) in Baratro Another heat wave hit Istria and also all the Europe in the last week but still some climbers refused to be beaten. In Baratro, the secret summer crag above the gulf of Trieste, Vera Gussetti took down the connection between the classic routes Violenza carnale (8a) and Dubbio finale (8a+) named Violento dubbio (8b). This connection route consists of

As the temperatures dropped a bit, also climbers hit the road towards Istrian »summer« climbing areas. Klemen Novak visited Baratro where he flashed Placcoman (8a) and redpointed Dino Šturmans artificial Attila (8c), which was first ascended by Swiss climber Simon Wandeler. The extension named Attila lunga (8c+) was later freed by Matej Sova. The first part consists of a hard bouldery start on small crimps in