September 2019

Cristian D’Anzul trying his new project in Baratro, Bimba Yena (8c/c+) @ photo from his FB The hardest route done in the last days in Istria is Il sicario sanguinario (8c) in Baratro which was climbed by the Italian Cristian D'Anzul. By his words, this was just his endurance training route in order to prepare himself for the real challenge couple of meters to the right

photo @ Grotta Caterina from the outside Summer is gone, Sendtember is here! Temperatures finally dropped and made climbing conditions prime for climbing in Istria. Sendtember is here, so book your apartment as soon as possible and arrange your holidays, link here. The sea is still warm, while climbing conditions are perfect to tick your summer project. In the latest time not many hard routes were climbed,