Grotta Caterina

Summer is gone, Sendtember is here!

photo @ Grotta Caterina from the outside

Summer is gone, Sendtember is here! Temperatures finally dropped and made climbing conditions prime for climbing in Istria. Sendtember is here, so book your apartment as soon as possible and arrange your holidays, link here. The sea is still warm, while climbing conditions are perfect to tick your summer project.

In the latest time not many hard routes were climbed, here are just a few of them that are worth mentioning.

In dark Grotta Caterina above Trieste, local Benjamin Marjanović first ascended another project, this time he putted the rope in the chains of Caronte (7c+) extension. The new route now has a name Mefistofele and a proposed grade around 8b/b+. A really nice diverse route which is full of crimps, sloppers, jugs, foot hooks and so on. All the repeaters are more than welcome to give their opinion.

In garage look-a-like cave Črnotiče Boštjan Weingerl succeeded in a new super long boulder connection, starting in Katarina Čas and finishing in the King of the cave. Check the video here!

In Buzetski kanjon, in sector Slap Gianfranco Dušič and Luka Meštrovič did the first and the second repeat of Marko Kalčič‘s testpiece Džungla je masivna (8b) on the far-left side of the sector. Gianfranco thinks it deserves a grade of hard 8a+, while Luka suggested 8b as well. Anyways super nice and extremely steep route worth a try.

And the last one, Matej Sova climbed a short, steep and powerful 8c in sector Caprette in scenic Val Rosandra and returned to 8c club after 7 years of absence.

With better climbing conditions, also many more news will follow in the next days. See you in the crag!