September 2020

Ana Ogrinc Wagner in her hardest route until now, La Pesta Nera (8b+) in Baratro @ photo by her husband, Martin Wagner Sendtember is over and with this nice weather many hard routes were climbed all over Istria. Let's start for a change in Croatia where in super steep Pandora, Mihael Štefić redpointed his nemesis route, the classic power endurance testpiece named Avatar (8b). In Italy, in secret

photo @ Martin Wagner in FA of La Super Nera (8c) in Baratro Seems like the secret spot above Trieste, called Baratro, is nowadays a climbing spot to be. Mina Markovič signed up under the first repeat of Martin Wagner's combo-route La Super Nera (8c), which connects the first part of La Supercana (8b) and super resistant upper part of La Pesta Nera (8b+). Mina confirmed