April 2022

Only 14 years old Pepa Šindel from Czech republic did the first repeat of The end (8c+) in Medveja. This mega route was bolted by Andrea Polo and first ascended on the start of this year by Domen Škofic. This pure power endurance challenge was first time repeated for Easter holidays by young Pepa Šindel. Pepa Šindel already last year redpointed Happy birthday (8b) in the

The weather in the last days has been great. Sun, some wind, some clouds make conditions for climbing just prime. Eastern is almost here and climbers are having fun all around Istria already. As usual, the most of the hardest climbing news from Istria come from Mišja peč. Over there, Jakob Bizjak climbed Konec MIRa (8c/c+) in the right part of Mišja peč called "hladilnik" or freezer

After totally dry winter this year, with no rain for months, for climbers unfortunately some rain fell in the last days. Now some tufas might drip and there is a lake in the Osp cave. But, at least the nature and plants are grateful. Now while resting in between climbing in Istria, you can easily pick up wild grown asparagus everywhere around. Hint, they are