May 2023

Summer has arrived in Istria! The temperatures have already reached 30 degrees Celsius, but you can always cool down in the refreshing waters of the Adriatic Sea. It seems that Croatians don't mind the heat. Aleksandar Zagorec - Aco climbed his first 8b by clipping the chains of the first part of Helikopter v pošasti (8b) in the big cave of Osp. His colleague Igor Čorko

Ana Ogrinc Wagner achieves a remarkable feat by climbing Helikopter v omaki (8b) shortly after giving birth to her twins less than two years ago. This impressive ascent took place in the expansive cave of Osp. It's worth noting that her husband also conquered the same route a few weeks prior. You can find more information about this in the related news. Additionally, 52-year-old Polish climber

There were climbers all around Istria during the 1st of May holidays, taking advantage of the great weather, which was mainly cloudy, allowing for climbing on the south faces. Goran Matika, also known as Gogo, returned from a holiday trip in Saint Leger du Ventoux in France with his family in top shape. He immediately went back to Kompanj, specifically to spectacular sector Olymp on the