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Magnificent Pazinska jama will enchant you at first sight. Wild nature, surrounded by medieval town and nice long routes with plenty of space for more. A bit of everything, long and short routes, steep and slabby. You name it, you got it.


First drive to Pazin and grab a coffee. Continue in direction of Pula and at the roundabout turn right for ZIP line and Hotel Lovac. Park under hotel and you will see Pazinska jama. Main wall is just under the lower ramp of ZIP line. Main walking path through the cave is good, but the approaches to sectors may not be so well maintained.


Best from late spring until late autumn. In summer it is possible to climb in the morning as the temperatures are always a bit cooler down there. Pazinska jama is a famous natural attraction, as is whole Pazin with ethnographic museum in the biggest medieval castle in Istria, famous for the escape of count Mathias Sandorf, which was described in a book in 1885 by Jules Verne. Recommended!


The rock may not be everywhere perfect and some route can be dusty, but the easiest way to clean them is by climbing! Bolts and anchors are mainly new.


Not recommended for small kids as the base of the routes is small and sometimes uncomfortable. They can go on ZIP line in between.

Routes (from left to right)

Routes are up to 40 meters long on grey limestone which can still break sometimes as routes are still mainly new. Long rope and a big set of quickdraws is recommended.

Sector A - Poli vodu
P ? 15m
P ? 15m
P ? 15m
Daždevnjak 6a 15m
Ivetov 6a+ 15m
Sector B - Siva eminencija
Deboto 6c 20m
? 6c 20m
Crnobijele oči 7c 25m
One love 7c 25m
Ragipicio 8a+ 25m
Voyages extraordinaire ? 25m
Mathias Sandorf 8b 25m
Sex maraton 7b 11m
Sexy magazin 8a 13m
Kozica 7c+ 25m
Siva eminencija 6c 22m
Zip line 6c+ 22m
La Linea 7a+ 20m
Bajum bajum 7a 20m
Črna sila = Bajum Bajum direct 7b 20m
Žlepa 8a 20m
Babina kuća 6c+ 20m
Cilinguš 6a 18m
Sector C - Manikomanija
Platforma 6c 30m
P ? 30m
Balance control 7b 20m
Manikomija 8a 25m
Sector D - Spod pajce
Stromboli 7c+ 35m
Passepartout 7c+ 35m
Kapetan Nemo 7c 30m
Dakkar = Kapetan Nemo extension 7c+ 35m
Čočo 7a 20m
Bad taste 7c 20m
Nautilus 7b+ 20m
Sector E - Pingvin
Frenkijev 6b 25m
Frenkijev extension ? 40m
Mago 7b+ 40m